Characteristics of Black House Spiders

Black House Spiders are dark, robust and with large abdomens. The female grows to be approximately 15 – 18 mm. The male counterpart is much smaller at 8 – 10 mm. Its carapace and legs are often dark brown to black and the abdomen can have a fine layer of velvety hair. Overall, they can appear to be a frightening and unfriendly looking spider.

Toowoomba Pest Control Black House Spider

Habits of the Black House Spider

Black House Spiders (Badumna insignis) are also called window spiders. This is because of their tendency to build unsightly webs around window frames, both on the inside and outside of your home. The Black House Spider produces a felted web at the centre of which is a tunnel. These distinctive webs bare similarities to the webs produced by a far more aggressive and territorial spider known as the Funnel Web Spider. The Black House Spider is commonly found around the Toowoomba region and its home extends beyond the window area to places such as sheds, toilets, under guttering, cracks and crevices.

Toowoomba Black House Spider


Black House Spiders are more than capable of biting and their bites are toxic. This can result in localised pain, nausea, sweating and giddiness. While being bitten by one of these guys is not desirable, it is also not that common either. This species of spider is quite timid when approached. If you suspect you have been bitten by a Black House Spider or any other spider for that matter, seek medical attention immediately. For additional information, you may also find the St John Ambulance Australia website of use.

Pest Control in Toowoomba for the Black House Spider

Insecticidal treatment by a qualified pest technician is one of the best methods for eradicating this common spider from your home or business premises. Acting on this in late spring/early summer will ensure their live young have less chance to mature. They are in their element during such time. Contact us today to arrange your next pest spray of the Black House Spider. Book Here!

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