Characteristics of the Australian Huntsman Spider

The Australian Huntsman Spider is described as a large, flat, hairy looking spider. The female grows to be approximately 35 – 40 mm, while the male Huntsman Spider is much smaller at 15 – 25 mm. They are a large, long-legged spider and often seen to be brown to grey in colour. Their bodies are quite flat and slender, which can make for finding this spider in interesting locations around your home, such as: behind picture frames, above your cars sun visor, behind strips of loose bark and even within kids backyard cubby houses. This species of spider is renowned for giving people the shock of their lives when found unexpectedly and surprises people even more so when they see the speed at which this spider moves.

Habits of the Australian Huntsman Spider

The Huntsman Spider (Isopeda immanis) is occasionally called the Giant Crab Spider because of their size and appearance. It is not hard to see how they gained such a reputation. This spider thrives under bark during the day time and emerges at night to feed. This can result in them entering your home in search of small bugs, insects, lizards and even frogs. Unlike many other species of spider, the Australian Huntsman does not rely on a web to catch its food, it instead relies heavily on its speed and stealth-like movements. The Huntsman spider will then sink its large and powerful fangs into its prey and immobilise it until a time in which it is ready to consume.


The Australian Huntsman Spider is more than capable of biting but their bites are not considered to be toxic to humans. Bites from this species of spider can be extremely painful with an onset of pain occurring within minutes of the bite. Other symptoms can also occur such as nausea, vomiting, sweating, restlessness, among others. If you suspect you have been bitten by an Australian Huntsman Spider or any other spider for that matter, seek medical attention immediately. For additional information, you may also find the St John Ambulance Australia website of use:

Concerned about Huntsman Spiders?

We love looking at interesting spiders and the Australian Huntsman is just one of those that intrigue us. If you find one of these frightening looking spiders in an interesting place around your home, car or even workplace, please send us a photo.

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